Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Night 8ourThe broken Spirit'sIt is the penultimate night of Abandoned discovery island and another night that has alternate endings. On this night you will be on the third floor of pirate caverns specifically in a small office where you will take refuge, the enemies are the spirits of the broken suits which are of an unresolved corruptus these are the broken spirit.

1.Chip 2.Dale 3.Horace 4.Joy 5.Captain Pete 6. Mickey Mouse 7.Minnie Mouse 8.Vanellope von schweet 9.Violet 10.Winnie Pooh


Good ending

The good ending is that at the end of the night we have to put some bombs and escape from there. If you make the floor explode three God will free you from Discovery Island, forgiving what you did.

Bad ending

If you do not put the bombs on the floor three the spirits go directly to you for mars. When you have been killed you will appear in a black place along with God she will say the following.

God: You could not free their souls. Jake: What do you mean? God: If you had killed them, you would be free and free their souls. But in the end it was the opposite. Jake: Sorry I do not want to go down there. God: It's okay but you'll be stuck on Discovery Island because I can not free your soul, unless you manage to defeat corruptus, true mickey and myster mouse understand. Jake: Yes thank you very much.

Abandoned ending

This ending is like a bad ending except that you submit to the suit of suicide mouse to do this you will go to the same black place meeting with God she will tell you the following.

God: Why did you do it? It would have been better if you exploded the third floor instead of killing yourself in this cursed costume. Jake: I did it because if I die nightmackey it will not exist and I can rest in peace. God: Is it just cause that nightmackey does not exist? Jake: Yes. Now get out of here and exploit this place to free us all and be happy.

God: Ok


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