Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Thanks Night 8, also known as extra Night or Suit Challenge, is the 8th Night in Abandoned : Discovery island, and in Somehow another ending.


This night is an alternative ending to Abandoned : Discovery island. Instead of have a special Enemy like Corruptus, the fusion of the three Mickeys from the Good Ending or True Mickey, a Demon from the True Ending, the Night 8 is really similar to the previous nights, but the Main difference is that the suits are mainly redesigned, other replaced, and others removed in this night.


The suits that appear in this night are:

Photo negative Mickey, he appears to be the same character but with a slightly different style, behavior and Phrases. It's also possible that he has a different backstory.

The Face, he appears to be the same character but with different appearance, behavior and Phrases. His backstory is exactly the same of the Normal face.

Suicide Mouse, is replaced by the happy mouse, an even more Distorted version of him.

Photo Negative Minnie, is replaced by The Bride, a slightly distorted Minnie mouse suit with normal colors. The bride has a backstory, and is not an easter egg, unlike photo negative minnie.

Non confirmed suits

The suits are possible to be redesigned or replaced in this night are :

Oswald, he will probably be redesigned for this night.

Acephalous, he will be replaced by an upcoming character in this night.

Pluto, probably be redesigned.

Daisy, probably with a new style.

Donald, confirmed to redesign.

Scrapped suits

Willy, was originally going to appear with a slightly changed style, but was scrapped.

MickMick, was originally going to replace Photo negative Mickey, but he wasn't enough fitting to be the main Antagonist.

Normal Oswald, he was never planned for this night, but probably Oswald's redesign will be with normal textures instead of being totally black.

Acephalous's head, it was never planned.

Pete, was going to be included as a new character, but he didn't fit enough.

New suits

Ortensia, is added to this night.