Nightmare Disembodied (PT678)

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Nightmare Disembodied is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and PlushTube's version of Nightmare Before Disney.


Nightmare Disembodied resembles a much more distorted version of Disembodied. His "body" is dented and wrinkled, and he is missing his lower jaw entirely. The inside of Nightmare Disembodied is filled with a black sludge with multiple eyes of varying size sticking out of it. Nightmare Disembodied has 7 grey teeth sticking out of his beak.

Behavior (ADI)

Nightmare Disembodied's mechanics are very similar to his normal counterpart Disembodied, except Nightmare Disembodied is much slower. He has a rare chance of appearing in Character Prep 2 on Night 3, where he is seen sitting on-top of the table. Nightmare Disembodied goes through multiple stages before it appears in the Office. When inactive, Nightmare Disembodied will have no eyes, but if the player doesn't frequently check on him, he grows four eyes (two in each eye socket). If the player still does not frequently check on Nightmare Disembodied, four more eyes will appear. In his final stage, Nightmare Disembodied has all of his eyes, all of which are staring at the camera. This indicates that Nightmare Disembodied will soon appear in the Office. Nightmare Disembodied will appear on the player's desk, where the player must shut off a camera to get rid of him. While he is in the Office, Nightmare Disembodied will emit an earpiercing screech sound, which causes the other suits to move quicker.

Behavior (NBD)

Nightmare Disembodied's mechanics are the same from Abandoned: Discovery Island, however, he starts in Channel 02, where he is seen laying on the floor next to a broken shelf. After all of his stages and he appears in the Office, the player must shine their flashlight on him to cause him to go away. Nightmare Disembodied's sound will cause the other Nightmares to move quicker.


Abandoned: Discovery Island

  • Character Prep 2
  • Office

Nightmare Before Disney

  • Channel 02
  • Office


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  • Nightmare Disembodied's design was made by EthanCraft513.
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