Nightmare Glitchbodied is a fan made Easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks similar to Nightmare Disembodied from Nightmare Before Disney, but he lacks both of his eyes and a spike.



Similar to Nightmare Photo Glitchative Mickey, if the player spells G-L-I-T-C-H in full caps at Character Prep 1, you can see him and Nightmare Photo Glitchative Mickey in Character Prep 1. When switching back the cameras after seeing them, they will revert back into Photo Negative Mickey and Disembodied.

Custom Night

In the custom night, he will start at Character Prep 2, when the player goes to Character Prep 2 and looks at Nightmare Glitchbodied in the eyes, he would attack the Character Prep 2 camera, which is shut off and can't be used for the rest of the night. Although a suit is in the office while Nightmare Glitchbodied attacks the camera at the smae time, it might work.


  • Similar to Nightmare Photo Glitchative Mickey, you can find him only at once.
  • He is a second glitchly suit, first was Nightmare Photo Glitchative Mickey.


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