Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Nightmare Glitchface is a fan made easter egg character in Abandoned Discovery Island


Nightmare Glitchface looks similar to his nightmare counterpart, Nightmare Face. But he lacks his human eyeballs and it was replaced by a red pupil at his eye sockets. He is also purple in color


Similar to the other glitched suits, you can only activate him once per night. If the player wants to see Nightmare Glitchface, they could spell the word "G-L-I-T-C-H" when The Face is at The Roof. After doing that mechanic, he can be seen at The Roof. When switching cameras, he will revert back to The Face at The Roof.


Nightmare Glitchface can say only 2 quotes when he gets activated:

  • "Who d-d-disturbs the d-d-dead?"
  • "I will g-glitch you up, Jake"


  • He is the 4th glitched suit to be made
  • When the player activates Nightmare Glitchface, it would possibly be an advantage of stopping The Face from coming into your office