Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


His Or Her Head Are Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey,He Has Left Eye Now, Then His Or HerBody Are Nightmare Suicide Mouse, Theres A Spike In Every Body And Head, The Spike Is From Nightmare Ortensia, His Or Her Left Hand Are Nightmare Photo Negative Minnie, His Or Her Right Hand Is Nightmare MickMick, His Or Her Leg Is Nightmare Undying, Theres A Nightmare Disembodied On His Or Her Leg, The Nightnare Disembodied Eye Are Gone, Also Theres A Nightmare Daisy On His Or Her Leg, Also Theres A Nightmare Face Head On Nightmare Pn Mickey Head, A Nightmare Ace Spike Used As Tails, A Nightmare Oswald Spike On Nightmare MickMick And Photo Negative Minnie Hand, And A Body Of Nightmare Pluto On His Back


He Or She Start On Nightmare Room, He Or She Active On Night 10, Then He Or She Go Any Location, Then Office, You Must Shut Off Power Or Hide, Failling He Or She Kill You.


  • This Suits Has 2 Gender.
  • He Or She Is Suits Which Doesnt Speak.
  • I Cant Make More Trivia :(.