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Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Nightmare Jake Smith is a nightmare in Jake's dream and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to look like Jake except his clothing seems to be wrinkled and covered with blood. He has a sinister looking smile and has no eyes with red pupal's. He also appears to carry a butcher knife from a meat freezer. His hands are also bloody.


Nightmare Jake only appears in a special night called " Nightmare Night". in this night, the whole building appears to be more dismantled then it already was and there is yellow blood on some cameras and the suits appear to be all mangled up and cut up. Nightmare Jake will go to any camera and will sometimes be caught holding a body of a suit. The player must hide when he is in the office or he will kill you. He will make a demonic laugh or will say thing in a sinister demon like voice like " There is no god to save you", " I show no mercy on you all", " I'll show you true fear", " You will not survive this night" and " All suits are dead and you're next". After beating the night, it will show a cut scene of Nightmare Jake going into the office saying " I had enough, it's time to end this" he then raises the butcher knife as he gets closer to Jake while laughing as Jake screams in horror repeating the words " No". Then the suits woke Jake up as he jumps in fear. One ask if he is okay and looking like he is gonna have a heart attack as he is sweating in fear. He explained that he had a nightmare and there was a nightmarish version of him and the building is being dismantled and the suits were killed by him. They say that it was all just a dream and will show him about what he has done during the incident.


Nightmare Jake has no starting location as he randomly goes to all cameras and will make his way to the office.


  • Nightmare Jake is the only enemy who appears in his own night not counting night 6.
  • Nightmare Jake is suppose to symbolize Jake's sanity during the incident as he was a cold blooded killer who wants to kill all suits,
  • He is also the only enemy who appears in a dream.
  • One of his quotes " There is no god to save you" Indicates that Purity was not here during the nightmare.
  • He is one of the other ssa member to have a different form the one being Henry. However unlike Henry, he is a nightmare version of him and is hostile.