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Nightmare joy is a fan made antagonist in ADI 2.0.


Nightmare joy starts in caverns entrance and will be moving to your office to kill you.


She looks similar to a movie called, Inside Out. But she lacks her head and it was replaced by a spike which has three eyes nailed apart, she also has her dress broken and dirty as her skin.


She will start on cam 11 and then moves to the next cameras in this order, cam 2, cam 6 and then the office. When she is in your office appearing in front of you blocking your view a little when it appears in the office, you have to touch her three eyes as it cause Nightmare Joy to leave your office. If you do not touch any of her eyes, she will stay in your office for the rest of the night provoking the view, not being able to see the humanoid, nightmares suits, or demons that are placed in front of your desk. If you turn off the power, she will attack you and the game crashes


Caverns Entrance ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The Office


  • Her head will appear in the office as an Easter egg and it can curiously appear when you appear you can not hide under the desk.
  • Nightmare Joy's scream is the same as Henry does that would make the Myster mouse but in the end he changed to Henry because he has a better.
  • She is one of the few characters that do not speak in the game some would be Disembodied, Pluto and daisy.
  • Alegria and disgust are the three characters that come out of the movie inside out the other would be sad but she is not a nightmare.