She looks similar to her original counterpart from Splatoon, but her right eye is black and has a red pupil and also lacks her legs. Her left hand is replaced by spikes and also her legs and her skin has a skull, her right glove is glitched for some reason.


She starts At Character Prep 1 and then goes to Staff Area, Meat Freezer and than The Office.


She starts at Night 4, when viewing Character Prep 1 on her, she will break your cameras for a few seconds. If she is on Staff Area, there is a chance that she can add a new suit making the night stressful for the player, and if she is in Meat Freezer, she would have a 10% chance that she can run into your office. The player must hide under the desk so that she will not attack the player. But if she does not run and appears on your office, shut off a cam and shutting off the power can make her go away either.


  • She is the one of the characters that has an unique behavior in the roleplay.
  • She acts similar to Classic Oswald at the Meat Freezer.
    • She is also similar to Dee Dee in Ultimate Custom Night.


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