Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Fan made antagonists in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.6 . Also he is the main game cell phone antagonist in FNaTI Toon Nightmare.


He looks similar to Mickey mouse but he has a spike for his arm and for his left leg. His other leg is gone. His right eye has no pupils and is all black. His left three eye has three human eyes.


He starts in Character Prep 2, which he can be seen walking from there into the Janitor's Closet. Then after the Janitor's Closet, he goes to the Bathrooms, walking again, which he can be seen going to the Meat Freezer after. Then he goes to the Lounge and then the office. You must hide under the desk to survive. Failing to do so will result a jumpscare, resulting a game over.


  • He also shared Nightmare Suicide Mouse's screech.
  • He was canceled in games cell phone.
  • In the newer versions, he was removed due to removed 12 nightmare his games cell phone.