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Nightmare Oswald 4.0 is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Nightmare Oswald 4.0 is a Classic Oswald suit with demented features, distorted from God's anger to make you go insane. Like NPNM, his suit is destroyed with random spikes poking out of his suit. His head is more rounded than his classic revision. He has no claws but he has glowing blue eyes.  It was said that the nightmares aren't a figure of Jake's twisted mind, and I assure you. They are very real.


He starts in Storage Room 2, the Meat Freezer, Employees Only and finally the Office. When he appears in the office you must shine your flashlight on him and he will run away.


  • Storage Room 2
  • Meat Freezer
  • Employees Only
  • Office


  • His quotes are similar to the original Oswald, but it's distorted and in a lower pitch.
  • Nightmare Oswald is somehow related to God.