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Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey (FANMADE) is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


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He looks similar to Photo Negative Mickey suit, but quite different. His face looks kind of weird, kind of a weird mouth, has no left eye and has a human eye in the right eye. He lacks his left arm just a little and his other arm has a weird glove. He also has some different shoes


He starts in Character Prep 2, which he can be seen walking from there into the Janitor's Closet. Then after the Janitor's Closet, he goes to the Bathrooms, walking again, which he can be seen going to the Meat Freezer after. Then he goes to the Lounge and then the office. You must hide under the desk to survive. Failing to do so will result a jumpscare, resulting a game over.


  • He is found on Hola1231's Deviantart.
  • He is a reference to Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey from Five Nights at Treasure Island: Nightmare Before Disney.
    • But he is a Photo Negative Character.