Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Pete But Has Sharp Teeth, An Eye Socket With Spike Around It And A Human Eye Inside It, His Left Leg Changed By A Spike, His Right Hand Changed By A Long Spike, He Has Spike On His Hat.


He Active On Night 8, He Start On Caverns Entrance, Then He Goes To Meat Freezer, Then He Moves To Lounge And Finally Office, If He Is In The Office, Shut Off The Camera Or Else He Kill You.


A Weird Version Of Pete, It Has Spike Around It, Somehow He Stored In Pirate Caverns With Unknown Reason.

Behaviour(Pirate Caverns)

He Start On Floor 4, If You See Him, Just Move To Another Place Or He Will Kill You. Pirate Caverns Minigame He Start On Floor 4 Suit Room, Then He Goes To Elevator(Floor 4) Then He Instantly Goes To Floor 2, Then He Moves To Elevator(Floor 2), And Finally He Goes To Office, If You See Him, Just Shut Off Camera Or He Will Kill You.


  • For Unknown Reason He Was Stored In Pirate Caverns Floor 4.
  • He Never Speaks At All.
  • Sometimes He Never Active.
  • His Jumpscare Is Biting Head Is Inspired To The Bite Of 83 Fredbear.