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"Hold It Right There"
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Hello? Hello? Are you alive? Well, buddy, if you're hearing this, it's me, Greg. Buddy, I'm talking serious now, Have you become Crazy? Since before that weird incident happened with the toons all the SSA Staff was found Brutally Murdered, what made you come back?! It used to be an island.. now it's an.....a "Hellish hole", now the island is falling apart, and as we know the Toons have become "Nightmares", as we know because of their abandonment. Well, as you can see I guess you still have cameras, but be careful, since I think there is barely electricity left in the island, so you have a flashlight now, that you will also need to get rid of the "Grayscale Mickey" toon, if it's still there, as we know they can't stand strong light near them. Also I think the Inverted Mickey toon is there, and you will have to shut off a camera to make him go away. We don't know the reason, but is probably his strong sense of hearing. Well, you will have to survive to 6AM, as that is the time you will be able to escape, as they hate light. Well, I think I have said you everything you need to survive, so bye. Hope to see you tomorrow.

_Greg, Night 1


After 30 years of Abandonment, the island started to fall apart, and the souls of the toons started to be corrupted, turning them into Toons with an Horrifying look, full of Decay and horrid features. Photo negative Mickey was one of them, getting turned into a Nightmare Toon.


He mainly looks similar like how he used to be, but now with a Distorted look. Now, he's missing half of his left arm and his right leg, and he's missing his right ear, the leg, arm, and ear are replaced with spikes, and has a ripping that has a spike in his belly. And his left ear seems to be slightly ripped/broken, and seems to be missing his right button in his pants and his mouth seems to be extremely wider, and his eyes are missing pupils. He's also covered in Dust.


Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey starts in Night 1 at 1AM, and is the first enemy on appear in all the game. He starts like he used to be, in the Character Prep 1 with Nightmare Disembodied. But now he's already standing up, and not lying in the floor. Then, he will go to the Meat Freezer, as he skips the Staff Area. Then he will move to the Lounge or the Bathroom. Then he will go to the Office. He can appear in both entrances, as he goes through the Meat Freezer and the Lounge. Shining the Flashlight will not work to him, so you will have to shut off a camera, as he has a extremely big sense of hearing.


Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey's path through the Destroyed island is the following :

  • Character Prep 1
  • Meat Freezer
  • Bathroom
  • Lounge
  • The Office

While Moving, Nightmare PNM says things like :

  • "Nobody..will find...your Corpse..."
  • "I want to see your head come off.."
  • "Time to Bleed.."
  • "Hey..."
  • *Laughing*


  • Unlike the Nightmare Toons from Five Nights at Treasure Island : Nightmare Before Disney, this Toons are real, and no Nightmares. They're mainly called "Nightmares" Because of their Nightmarish look.
  • He's the first Enemy in Appear in all the Game.
  • He's along with Nightmare Suicide Mouse, the fastest enemies in Game.
  • This design was created by the User named, Photo-Negative Mickey for the original version of his game Five nights at Treasure Island : The End Of Disney, as it was originally supposed to be a Nightmare Before Disney Remastered, so it had Nightmare Toons instead of Hellbound Toons. The only thing that is mainly created by Paperz is the Photoshop edit remake.