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"Hold It Right There"
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Nightmare Suicide Mouse is a Monster-like counterpart of Suicide Mouse. He's actually the Same Suicide Mouse, but after being left behind for years, transforming him in the monster that he's now.


Unlike Subwoofer's NBD version of Suicide Mouse, he's a Monster-like suit instead of a Nightmare. He seems to be Suicide Mouse, but damaged and Distorted, Along with a vicious look. He has some rippings in both ears, and he seems to be missing his right hand and his left foot. His Mouth is outstretched with sharp teeth, and his eyesockets are Distorted. He seems to be Eyeless, but has a white small pupal in his right eyesocket, and His left hand has claws. His arms aren't tucked behind his back anymore. He's also covered in Dust.


Instead of being a Nightmare in FNATI: NBD, He's a real life suit as well as the regular Suicide Mouse. Suicide Mouse was one of the Toons that were being fixed in the Suit Storage, but Jake killed one of the employees by cutting his head and breaking some bones of the body with a crowbar. Then, he hide the corpse inside the Old Mickey suit. After some more incidents, the island got abandoned, and the Suits were abandoned along with the whole island. Every day the corpse was rotting to the point of just leaving bones inside the suit. But his soul started to be more Angry...more Vengeful...it started to be thirsty of vengeance...his soul get corrupted into...a Distorted Amalgamation of Dark feelings... getting even transformed into a Dark, nightmarish entity. Years after the abandonment of the island..someone comes to that Destroyed hole that in sometime ago used to be an island, a fun resort. Now, in the shadows of that rotting island.. he's finally back.. back into the light..after have been waiting years for finally destroy that rotting wall that was keeping him blocked..now...the thing that was outside wasn't a suit..wasn't a simple corpse anymore..but yes a nightmarish entity that was thirsty for blood..and back for revenge..a corrupted, Monster-like​ entity, and something that He seems to somehow be able to skip the Staff Area, and sometimes the Janitor's Closet.was never seen before.. something UnKnOwN....


Nightmare Suicide Mouse starts at the Suit Storage, then he goes to the Janitor's closet, the Character Prep 1, then he goes to the Meat Freezer and Finally the office. You will need to shut off a camera to make him leave. Hiding doesn't work on him at all. And you don't need to shut off the Power anymore, since there isn't power in the island anymore. Using Flashlight also works on him.


Nightmare Suicide Mouse's path through the Destroyed island is :

  • Suit storage
  • Janitor's Closet (Rarely)
  • Character Prep 1
  • Meat Freezer


  • Unlike Nightmare Suicide Mouse is in NBD, he's a Monster-like/Distorted suit, not a Nightmare.
  • He's actually "Nightmare", because in a somehow he isn't, but the name was a bit fitting.
  • It seems that somehow he would able to skip the Staff Area, and sometimes the Janitor's Closet.


Nightmare Suicide Mouse's full body appearance.