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Nightmare Tails is a scrapped counterpart of Tails which was planned to appear in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He looks similar his normal counterpart, but he lacks his ears, legs, and eyes. He has yellow spikes on eyeholes and sharp red bloody fingers. His body and mouth are also glitching


He would start from The Roof, and then will proceed to Staff Area, Meat Freezer and then reaches into the office. The player must shut off the power to survive. Failing to do so will result in a jumpscare, resulting a game over.

Reason of removal

  • Due to lack of decent model, he was scrapped from the game.
  • His model was poorly made.
  • He resembled Nightmare Suicide Mouse.


  • His model was made by eduardo83.
  • He was also planned to make his return in Nightmare Before Disney.
    • However due to lack of mechanics, he was scrapped.