Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Nightmare True Suicide Mouse is just like his original counterpart, only with sharp drills and human sharp teeth

in its chest. It also lacks legs, like Nightmare Suicide Mouse. Just like his original counterpart, he has fuzz, and it also is about fuzz too.

His human eyeballs are now Tiny, and his claws are black.


True Nightmare Suicide Mouse becomes active on Night 7, but he has a rare chance to become active on Night 6, replacing True Mickey

He will start in the Character Prep 1, looking at the wall, like Willy. He then looks at the player, and then crawls when he is active.

(You can hear his crawling BTW.) He can go to the Staff area, Storage Room, Broadcasting Room, Meat Freezer, Lounge, then office. Hide for him to go away

He can crash your game if you don't hide.


Character Prep 1

Staff Area

Storage Room

Broadcasting Room

Meat Freezer




He has a 5% chance to replace True Suicide Mouse.

He is 50% faster then his counterpart

His Promo looks like Nightmare Suicide Mouse.

Just like True Suicide Mouse. He is the most powerful suit

He controls EVERY suit in the game