Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Nightmarish Minnie is a Fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island.


Nightmarish Minnie is Photo-Negative Minnie with mouths on her shirt and one where her right eye should be. Her colors are darker and she has one ear. She has no bow, one eye and her head is chipped.


Nightmarish Minnie will take a pretty much straight path to the office with the exception of CAM 5. When she enters the player must hide or shut off a camera. Both will always work however shutting off the power will not work. Sometimes she will look at the camera when she is in Character Prep 1. If the player looks at her doing this for 4 seconds the player will have a heart attack.


  • Minnie's species isn't on the wiki you are reading right now.
  • Minnie is not in the Illuminati.
  • She is the only suit who attacks through the camera.