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WARNING: As request of the creator, PlushTube678, to use this character/OC in your FNATI or ADI fan-games, you'll need to ask for permission to the creator/owner of this character, and put the correspondent credit of the creator. Thank you for reading.


No. 231 is a fan-made antagonist / easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


No. 231 itself is a heavily damaged Mickey Mouse Toon that is contained in a cylinder-shaped tube full of green liquid. No. 231 has a reddish-brown tint to him. On the base of the tube is a wooden sign that lists "NO. 231". This is a designation number of sorts.


On Night 3, a new camera unlocks, the Underground Facility. No. 231 can be found on the side of the screen, along with multiple other tubes filled with other specimens.

Occasionally, No. 231 will disappear from the Facility, and appear in the Office, where the sounds of screams and metal smashing can be heard, this causes the player's vision to slowly focus in and out, and if No. 231 isn't driven away in-time, the sounds will cause Jake to collapse (A game over).


  • Underground Facility
  • Office

No. 231's Backstory

Upon starting Night 3, a phone call from Lisa will start. The transcript is listed below.

"Hello? Jake. It's me Lisa again. Me and Greg were walking around the island this morning to find more evidence of paranormal activity, when we found another floor to the island. The place is WAY different from the rest of the island, it consisted of like-five laboratories, and a huge amount tubes with different toons inside of them. We don't know if they're alive or not, but we know one of them is. I believe it was number 231, we heard sounds coming from its general area, it made me and Greg queasy so we snapped a few pictures, and grabbed some documents laying around and got out of there. We also set up a security camera in there to see if anything happens during the night. If anything happens with 231, you know what to do." - Lisa, Night 3

From the phone call, the player can tell that 231 is seemingly the only one alive of the multiple other specimens around the facility. But it is also implied that the facility has been abandoned for multiple years, and it is unknown how or why 231 is still alive. Back in 1993, an organization before the SSA intervened was running, and used the facility to capture, and contain Toons that previously roamed the island. They used these Toons as test subjects, and kept them contained to keep them from hurting anyone, but some kind of accident occurred that lead to the Facility's abandonment, and Toons are no-longer captured by the organization. But the contained ones couldn't escape, and since there was no one there to keep them alive, they died. But 231 managed to keep itself alive due to its anomalous properties.

In a document, 231 is listed as a "Cognito Hazard", as looking at it can cause harmful effects on the mental state of the viewer. 231 causes vivid sound-based hallucinations, that if bad enough, can kill the viewer. The sounds are described as pained screams, and the sound of metal being clashed together. 231 has never been seen outside of the tube, but who knows if it even wants to leave.


  • "No." means "Number"
  • The lore for this character is not final.
  • 231 is pronounced "two-three-one" instead of "two-thirty-one" or "two-hundred-thirty-one"
  • The audio is a mix of sounds from Really Happy Mouse.


Transcript File
*Screams and metal clanking together*

The audio is VERY LOUD, so if you do not like loud sounds, then please do not click play.