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He is a cancelled Character in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6


Noctrum is a unfinished character Mickey Mouse Toon which wonders the Treasure Island. As the name suggests he is lonely, never had a friend or a sidekick.



Noctrum  starts at the Character Prep 4 , he is not seen at first, as he's sitting on an area not visible to the camera, then, he'll stand up and stare at the camera before leaving, once leaving the CP4 , he can be seen at Mascot Back Room , he can be seen at Staff Area, then in the Meat Freezer, at this point, he can go either directly to your office or go to the Lounge and then go at your office. If he's seen in the left, shut off a camera, if he's seen in the right, hide under the desk, turning off a camera has only a 02.50% of fending him off when he's in the right. Failing or neglecting to fend him off will result in a jumpscare.


  • The Not reason for it's name has relation to it's origins, he was a toon that never got out of paper and was never finished, his drawing was left in the Island, forgotten for years, until GOD brang the character back to life before Night 4, he was very lonely and just wandered the Island for the rest of the day when born, and the rest you might already know.
  • Loner Mouse does not have a jumpscare, reasons are the idea of Loner Mouse
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