Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


This Location Has Been Unreleased In Five Nights At Treasure Island : Remastered. and it's a location located , seen and accessed and owns to Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.6.  (also known as "*noieant room 1A*").


This is a location located and accessed in Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.6. , this is a Super rare area "also known as CAM 1's Floor 4 that was unreleased in Five Nights At Treasure Island : Remastered. Half Of The Suits Can Start Inside The noieant room That Is A room that's the downer level of a floor in the Depths and this room is the mega secret room that nobody has ever went inside because this room has been restricted for many years , this room is the bottom of the surface area below any cameras in the monitor.


It appears to be a room with a door on the left, A acid generator in the Middle. And there are also Mickey acid mask lying on the floor and there are acid, green slime on walls and in corners. There is also brown tables with a Mickey acid mask on it.


jojo headless starts here in the Middle of the room. doom mickey also starts here in the corner next to the acid green slime. And cartoon bob demonic tarts here in the left side of the room.


The room is used to keep the characters who start here away.

There is a button in the room for if the player presses and holds it, it generates x1 , keeping the enemies in the room.

It's unknown how or why the room is like that.