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Noo Noo is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Noo Noo appears to be a different type of vacuum and has Eyethatches which makes him a very clean character. Also, he can talk while moving, despite him not talking in Teletubbies. He appears to be evil


Noo Noo will start at the basement which is in CAM 15, and than will move to The Roof, Storage Room, Bathroom, Lounge and finally the office. Somehow Noo Noo doesn't attack the player, but will summon a random character to the night. To avoid this happening, you must shut off a camera.


  • *Whirring Sounds*
  • "I'm making them better."
  • "This is how things should be."
  • "You will be one of them."


  • Noo Noo Is from the Teletubbies Show (Or SlendyTubbies)
  • Noo Noo can be rarely active at Night 1, similar to The Face
    • His behavior is also similar to Dee Dee from the Ultimate Custom Night