Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Goofy Is fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island.


Goofy starts at the Janitor's Closet, off screen with Acephalous. He will then move to the Bathroom, Meat Freezer, Staff Area, then to the Character Prep 2.


Goofy appears to be just similar to his regular counterpart, but he is currently still wearing a yellow jacket, which is similar to Acephalous, his headless counterpart.


Goofy will start off screen at the Janitor's Closet. He will then appear on screen standing up. He will then move to the Bathroom, Meat Freezer. Staff Area, and then to the Character Prep 2. He will then take the Mickey Head and sprint through into the Meat Freezer and then reaches to the office, throwing the Mickey Head, which can kill the player. This can be prevented if the player hides under their desk when Goofy throws the Mickey Head on the player.


  • Goofy's behavior is partially based off of Acephalous's behavior in the original FNaTI
  • He has some old promos, which can be found in the galleries of himself
  • His screech is similar to Acephalous