Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The Office Is Player Starting Place In Fnati 6:The Show Just Begun, In This Office You Can Use Monitor, Shut Off Power, Hide Under The Desk, Close Doors(Left And Right), Close Vents(Upper Left Or Upper Right)Note:Dont Let Vent Close Too Long Or The Oxygen Will Be Lost, Since The Oxygen Is From The Vents, You Can Check Your Oxygen If Is Ok, If The Oxygen Bar Is Red, You Must Clean The Vent With Control Panel, Also You Can Wind Music Box To Prevent Some Suit, Also Check Power Room If Someone Trying Destroying The Power


The Office Contains, Some Box On Left Corner, A Mickey Mouse Head On Desk, A Fan On Desk, A Mickey Mouse Poster, 2 Doors, 2 Vents, Green Wall, Black Floor, Some Mickey Mouse Plush On Desk, And A Cactus Kid Poster On Right.


All The Suits With Exception Broken The Classic, Broken Photo Negative MickMick And Micker, The Both, Broken The Classic And Broken Photo Negative MickMick Is Trying Destroying The Power While Micker Trying Broke The Camera.


  • Cam 1=Hallway A
  • Cam 2=Hallway B
  • Cam 3=Worker Lounge
  • Cam 4=Meat Freezer 1
  • Cam 5=Meat Freezer 2
  • Cam 6=Meat Freezer 3
  • Cam 7=Kitchen
  • Cam 8=Staff Area
  • Cam 9=Character Prep 1
  • Cam 10=Storage Area
  • Cam 11=Character Prep 2
  • Cam 12=Bathroom
  • Cam 13=Janitor Closet
  • Cam 14=Basement
  • Cam 15=Broadcasting Room
  • Cam 16=The Roof
  • Cam 17=Forest Area
  • Cam 18=Prop Storage A
  • Cam 19=Prop Storage B
  • Cam 20=Prop Storage C
  • Cam 21=Entrance Room
  • Cam 22=Stairway
  • Cam 23=Depths
  • Cam 24=Power Room
  • Cam 25=Break Room
  • Cam 26=Empty Room
  • Cam 27=Suit Storage
  • Cam 28=Character Prep 3
  • Cam 29=Treasure Island Cafe
  • Cam 30=Prize Room


  • Sometimes Cactus Kid Poster Turned Into Suicide Mouse Poster, Making Broken Cactus Kid Cant Move,
    • However The Poster Change Back If You Open Camera.
  • If You Press Mickey Head, The Mickey Head Will Making A Honk Sound.
  • After Beating The Game, There Will A Golden Thropies Of The Suit(Except The Phantom Ones)