Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"H-Hello, anybody there? If so, if you are recieving this message. DO NOT GO TO THE OIL STORAGE! The reason behind it is because we recently had an employee killed down there last night, the police will investigate the killing, but for now. Please stay away from the Oil Storage. The oil production will continue after the investigation." -Anonymous


Oil Rings is a passive character encountered in the Oil Inspection cutscene and an antagonist on Night 8 in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Oil Rings is a humanoid made of oil, he has rings on his arms, his legs and his neck.


While he is passive during the secret Oil Inspection cutscene, he becomes an antagonist on Night 8 of Abandoned Discovery Island.

On Night 8, he will start in the Storage Room, he has two phases before leaving the Storage Room, 1 is that he will be crawling out of his hiding place from a box. Then he will proceed to get out of the box he hid in and prepare to walk out of there, after those 2 phases, he will leave the Storage Room and go to the Staff Area, then he will go to the Meat Freezer, and finally goes to the office. In order to prevent Oil Rings from killing the player, the player must shut off the power immedately, hiding or shutting off a camera won't work on him. Failing to do so will result in Oil Rings jumpscaring the player.


  • Oil Rings is commonly nicknamed "The Lord of The Rings."
    • This is most commonly because of the rings on his body.
  • Oil Rings is made out of oil, not ink.
    • Some have commonly confused him for an ink monster, when in fact. There is already a character that is called "Ink Monster."
  • Oil Rings' promo is basically Undying's teaser from Mariokaboy's Five Nights at Treasure Island 3 but recolored black.
  • It is unknown what Oil Rings' human form looked like.
  • He was the victim of the Oil Storage Incident.
    • His death was caused by being drown in oil, pushed by an employee. Then resurrected by God during the Oil Inspection, he managed to sneak away from the scene, leaving some footprints to his "lair."
  • Very rarely, Oil Rings will appear in the Staff Area camera on any night for 6 seconds, after that. He will be gone.