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Note: I know it's another Bendy And The Ink Machine character but at least i'm trying to bring back the spirit of my first character.

"I will have my revenge for what you've done" -Old Bendy Prop


Old Bendy Prop is an character in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Old Bendy Prop is an old version of Bendy Prop, left away after the events of where Night 666 (Joke Night) took place, leaving him left old and forgotten.


Old Bendy Prop acts as a protagonist on Night 6 then becomes an antagonist on Night 8, on Night 8, he starts in "Unknown Room," then he randomly appears in the office. While on Night 6, he acts like a protagonist trying to stop Corruptus (or whoever controls Night 6, except True Mickey) from killing the player.


Night 6:

  • "Don't hurt him, he's just doing his job."
  • "You'll end up like me if you kill him, he can fix you and he can fix me"
  • "I may act like a traitor, but i know he didn't mean to abandon what he's created"

Night 8:

  • "I saved you from being killed and you didn't fix me?"
  • "It's okay, I know you might've forgot but your sure cruising for a bruising"
  • "I will have my revenge for what you've done"
  • "Are you sorry now, 'friend?'"


  • Old Bendy Prop is simply an alternate texture for the Bendy cutouts found in Chapter Two's files.
  • He survived but his friend The Legendary Mr. Krabs is unknown to be found.
  • He could be connected to his current version.
  • When he calls the player on Night 8 "friend" he really means he did everything he can to save you and you didn't actually fix him.