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OnmiDemon Mickey is a regular Mickey Mouse suit, except with a black face, a Dark Black tongue, shiny dark Purple gloves, shiny Purple pants, and shiny Dark Purple shoes. His eyes are replaced with glossy, human-like eyes


OnmiDemon Mickey is very different from Five Night At Fredie Fan Game Suit and Toon. He will become active on Night 1, but starts to become a threat on Night 1.1. Any room he is in will turn dark. He can teleport, and can enter the office before 12 AM.

  • When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:
  1. "Your soul is Death"
  2. "Your Death Weak God"
  3. "God can't save All World now"
  4. "May God have mercy on your and All soul"
  5. "Welcome to true Black hell"
  6. "The devil will greet you and All World with pain and suffering"
  7. "DIE"OnmiDemon Mickey will be first seen on the Treasure Island Graveyard, coming out of the ground. He will then be seen on the Roof, trying to get out to get into the building. He will then be seen in Character Prep 2 standing on a table. Barbed Mickey will then move his way to the Meat Freezer, where he is hiding behind some boxes. He will then enter the office, where you must shut off a camera to get rid of him.


  • Treasure Island Graveyard
  • Roof
  • Character Prep 2
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


  • OnmiDemon Mickey's model is actually True Mickey from Abandoned: Discovery Island, but his textures are inverted and then value inverted.
  • He also used to have the same screech, but slower and Echo.
  • He also used to have the same jumpscare, but recolored, before being replaced with the single-frame.
  • A frame from the old jumpscare is still used when he is in the Lounge.
  • OnmiDemon Mickey's mechanics and jumpscare is similar to that of Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • OnmiDemon Mickey's jumpscare is actually reused from his teaser.
  • OnmiDemon Mickey seems to have dark black blood.
  • OnmiDemon Mickey was originally going to be Corrupted Mickey, but was later replaced by him. He was later brought back as a new character.
  • OnmiDemon Mickey was submitted to the thread by Fate to be in A:DI 2.0. It is unknown if he will actually make it into the game.
  • OnmiDemon Mickey was voiced by John Jax Jahoetor
  • OnmiDemon Micker may be connected to Blood Mouse And Blood Rabbit.