Original Mickey is a character and fan made antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


He appears and bears to be a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in his early cartoons as a Mickey Mouse Toon , but the difference is all that he is only grey-scale and he's having grey-scale textures just like Suicide Mouse , but he isn't eyeless in his appearance like the original Mickey Mouse Toon that owns to the DisneyLand Cartoons.


He will activate in Night 3 alongside Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied , Instead of starting in the Broadcasting Room , He starts in Character Prep 1 with Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied laying down alongside with Photo-Negative Mickey , Then he stands up and then he will take his direct path to the Office. He goes to the Staff Area. Then he goes to the Meat Freezer , then the office instead of going to the Lounge. He can have 35% chance of going in the Lounge. To survive, the player must hide under the desk instead of shutting off one of the cameras because shutting off a camera in the monitor will not fend him off , If the player does not fend him off properly , the failing result will result/cause him jump-scaring the player and will also result a game over.

He is a suit/antagonist in the cut-scene after Night 2 in FNaTI 2 : LET THE SHOW BEGIN , in the cut-scene , after 9 seconds of the cut-scene , the player will see Original Mickey , If the player spots him , the player will try to kill him with the cleaver and the Original Mickey will try to prevent the player from trying to kill him , his pose will be like him saying : "Please! Don't kill me! I'm innocent!".


Original mickey promo by purplefreddysfm-daq7mrh.png

  • He is similar to Suicide Mouse , only with Mickey Mouse eyes.
  • He is a grey-scale version of Mickey Mouse.
  • He is also an alternative version of Suicide Mouse.
  • He acts like Photo-Negative Mickey but going alongside himself in the Character Prep 1.
  • He will take his direct path to the Office just like Suicide Mouse , but he will not start inside the Broadcasting Room.
  • He is an Antagonist in the Cut-scenes in Five Nights At Treasure Island 2 : LET THE SHOW BEGIN
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