Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Ostensia is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Ostensia is a combination (fusion) of Oswald and Ortensia. Its gender is a boy and a girl.

Ostensia is like Dark Oswald but with Ortensia's hat and skirt.


Ostensia starts in the Storage Room laying down on the floor. Then goes to the staff area after. Then the meat freezer, lounge then the office. The player must shut off a camera to survive. Just like what you need to do if one of them appears in your office.


  • This character is the only fusion character between Oswald and Ortensia.
  • The quotes he/she makes are Oswald and Ortensia's quotes combined together but only two quotes.


When its moving it can say the following things.

  • Why did you bless my soul?
  • Why is god here?
  • This place doesn't scare me.
  • *laughing*