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"Do you think it's already over? Oh, it's just beginning my friend!" - Oswald's Revenge

Oswald's Revenge is a fan-made antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island



Oswald's Revenge is a fusion of the three main protagonists in the "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Series" cartoon show, Oswald, Ortensia, and Fanny. He becomes active on his own version of Night 6, and is considered one of the hardest enemies in the game.


Oswald's Revenge starts in Pirate Caverns on the 3rd floor. Once a certain number of requirements are met, he will be active on Night 6.



To Be Announced, he might have 4 or 6 arms.


Oswald's Revenge's appearance is like regular Oswald's, except he has hollow eye sockets with human eyes, and a wide grin similar to Photo-Negative Minnie's, and his fur and shorts is tinted slightly purple.



Oswald's Revenge starts in Pirate Caverns on the 3rd Floor, but to find "them", a few requirements must be met (See here). Once they are met, the player should be in a room covered with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merchandise and film reels. Oswald's Revenge will start in the center of the room, and after a few seconds, will engage in dialogue with the player:


"It was nice of you to free me."

"But I know you'll regret it."

"See you tomorrow night... Jake..."

If the player then enters Night 6, "they" will become active. They is considered one of the hardest enemies in the game, as to defend him off, they require the player's full attention. There is actually several ways the player needs to defend him off depending on where he started, similar to Corruptus, he will tell the player the right way to at the beginning of the night via a phone call, but he speaks in riddles.

If they start or "respawn" in Character Prep 1, the player must shut off a camera when he enters the Office, doing anything else will cause them to kill the player.

If they start or "respawn" in Character Prep 2, the player must hide when he enters the Office, doing anything else will cause them to kill the player.

If they start or "respawn" in the Storage Room, they will then move to the Staff Area, then rush to the Office, the player must hide or they will kill them.

If "they" start or "respawn" in the Pirate Cavern's Entrance, the player must not move at all when "they" enter the Office, or "they" will kill them. He will leave after a few seconds.

No matter where they start or respawn, they will always go into the Staff Area, Meat Freezer and then the Office, this somewhat discludes when they start in the Storage Room, as they run through the Meat Freezer, and into the Office.

Once the player reaches 6 AM, they will then again engage in dialogue with Oswald's Revenge, they will then say to the player: "Do you think it's already over? Oh, it's just beginning my friend!" The power will then shut off, and the player must use a flashlight and walk around the building, as the game then turns into free roam similar to Pirate Caverns. Oswald's Revenge will move rather quickly, and if the player sees them, they must leave the room or they will kill them. The player must roam around and find an Oswald plushie, an Ortensia plushie, and a fanny plushie. After 3 hours of this, if the player did not collect all the plushies, Oswald's Revenge will kill them. If the player did, they will finally beat the night. They will then again engage in dialogue.

"It... isn't fair!"

"It's never been fair!"

"They never even gave us much of a chance..."

"Look at me!"

"I'm pathetic!"

"I can't even beat you..."

They will then actually begin crying, then Jake gives them a hug. Jake's dialogue after:

"I'll give you a chance."

"You can come with me off the island."

"What do you say?"

Oswald's Revenge:

"Thank... thank you..."

This ends this ending to the game.


Once the player reaches Night 6, Oswald's Revenge will replace True Mickey. If Oswald's Revenge enters the Office and is really close to the player, they must hide, if at the back of the Office, they must shut off a camera. Every once in a while, Oswald's Revenge will attack the player's soul, similar to True Mickey. Once 6 AM is reached, the power will shut off, and the player will be able to roam around similar to Pirate Caverns, but the player will need to use a flashlight to see. The player will have to survive an additional 3 hours, avoiding Oswald's Revenge. The player must roam around and find all of the Oswald plushies, if they don't, once 3 hours pass, Oswald's Revenge will automatically kill them. If they find and collect them all, when 3 hours pass, a cut scene will play. It will be a close up of Oswald's Revenge's face, shaking on the screen. A dialogue box will appear on the top of the screen, saying : "It was always suppose to be me. But no, I wasn't good enough. Locked away, concealed for ever. But then you saved me. And then proceeded to kill me. At least I won't have to suffer any longer. Tell Ortensia good bye for me." The dialogue box will then disappear, and Oswald's Revenge will stop shaking. His human eyes will then fall out of his sockets.The player will then be greeted with "The End" and will have to exit the game.


  • Oswald's Revenge is referred to as "they" because its a fusion of 3 characters, with different genders.
  • When talking, Oswald's Revenge seems to talk in 4 voices all at once, Oswald's Ortensia's, Fanny's, and a deep pitched one.
  • They often crawl on the ceilings and walls when in cameras, similar to a spider.
  • Although he is actually more female, he appears more masculine.
  • It's unknown what happens to Jake and Oswald's Revenge after the end, but they might've fallen in love, or just became really good friends.
  • Being locked away is a reference to how Universal forgot about Oswald.
  • Oswald's Revenge's original ending is also a reference to Chipper's Revenge in FNaF World
  • Oswald's Revenge is the reincarnation of Oswald's, Ortensia's, and Fanny's hatred and loneliness after being locked away so long.
  • Oswald's Revenge's name is most likely going to change in the future.
  • Oswald's Revenge was originally going to be called "True Oswald", as he is an Oswald equivalent of True Mickey.