Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Funtime Owsald (AKA Owsald The Dancing Frown).

Owsald looks like a Dancing Frown. He is also known as Funtime Oswald.


He starts in Staff Area, if he moves a part of his song will play. His route is Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Broadcasting Room And CP1 Before Appearingin the office. The player needs to shut off a camera otherwise he will kill the player.


  • Oswald is a Dancing Frown.
  • Its unknown why he carries a Pickaxe.
  • Here are his quotes.
  • "I wish for your wish to be granted."
  • "Dreams Are what we make"
  • "Oh boy!"
  • "God? Can i fix them?"
  • "What have we done?"
  • "its time to be an Entertainer"
  • the last quote refers to PJ Masks though the quote is him wanting to be an Entertainer.
  • the 4th quote has God in the quote. This is simliar to Oswalds Quote.
  • He wishes to be an Entertainer as well.
  • He fights the corrupted souls of Greg Hoffrey's Nightmares.
  • He Never killed anyone. Except for trespassers and Intruders.
  • Unlike Owsald, he has arms.