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"Jokes Ahead"
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Osweld was a former joke character in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks very similar to his original counterpart, but his rig is messed up, has ability to stretch his arms and glitch himself. He can also stretch his jaw.


He has no set pattern and moves around the island on any nights (excluding Night 6 and onward). Once encountered, the player MUST shut off the power in order to avoid his attack. Failing to do so will result a jumpscare, ending your run, and resulting a game over.


  • Osweld was made because the creator messed around with rig and he just distorted himself.
  • He was based of an inside joke.
  • He was made out of boredom because the creator didn't know what other character to make.
  • He was served as one of the joke characters before Retarded Oswald replaced him and became a legendary joke character.
  • Osweld was made in Blender.