Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

OutBlack Room AKA Old Room is a Fan made location, after night 12 Jake remembers where his great uncle worked and pays a visit to the place, where he learns bits of the story as he tries to avoid The Face.


OutBlack Room is a simple Worked Run that has been crushed down and destroyed by its customers after the first firely incident. The place has Box and Door , along with tables and stools for the customers to sit while they enjoy their coffee. it has a Black Hole  in the back of the establishment, some rocks and other objects remain on the tables.

The Face's Behaviour.

The Face will randomly appear on different places while he plays a "Game" with jake, The face will say 1 among 4 lines indicating what should the player do to make him go. this lines being: "Mint your own business" (The player needs to drink mint tea), "Why did you come?" (The player must close his eyes), "Behind you" (The player must Shake their heads) and "Let the heat come in" (The player must drink normal coffee).


OutBlack Room is based of the Worked from Worked Maker


Bad ending

If the player follows the bad ending route, the player only gets a dead after small flashback of the place and then continues the game.

Good ending

The player gets to play in the place, but has only 3 lives to make it through since they didn't befriend The face, if the face is befriended the player gets 5 lives.

The player is still unable to remember everything as GOD takes them back to discovery island to prevent them from knowing if they get traught the Night, but the player is now free from GOD the next nights.

True ending

True Bad ending

If the player follows the True bad ending route, the player only gets a small flashback of the Back Room and then continues the game.

True Good ending

In the True Good ending, the player has unlimited lives to do the "Game" as The face only gives them a little scare (Which increases the Stress bar. if the stress bar gets full, the player gets a game over from heart attack, They can decrease stress by drinking or closing their eyes.) After they are finished with the game and won it, GOD will be befriended and will tell you that the suits didn't kill her.