Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Overtoun is a fan made Easter egg on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be a grayscale Pluto with no eyes and looks depressed.


He starts at night 1 very rarely appearing in the office if the player types in "Overtoun" on the main menu. If seen, the player must shut off a camera except for The Roof or he will crash your game, masking distorted growls and barks. He's only active once per night and after you got rid of him if you check on the roof, you will see him looking at you, and then is seen jumping off the roof.


He appears in the office, but after being fended off, he is seen on The Roof.


  • His name is based on the legend of the "Overtoun bridge".
  • He appears to be like a suicide version of Pluto.


Overtoun's Promo