He Is A Easter Egg On Fnati 3:True Nightmare And A Character On Fnati:ltr


He Is Oswald But He Didnt Have Leg, His Hand Are A Spike Or Something, And A Weird Eye Socket.

Behaviour(Fnati 3:True Nightmare)

He Only Appear In Your Office, If You See Him, You Must Shut Off Power, Failling Result Or Does Nothing, He Jumpscare You And He Crashing Your Game.

Behaviour (Custom Gameplay Animation Or Fnati Ltr)

He appears from the Cameras, Once you see him, Get off of the Camera & Turn around. He will be behind you and Once that happens Look at him as long as you can, and he will fade away like he's just an allusion. Failing to do that will result a Game Over. What's good about Ozzie is he comes out in 5 to 25% Chance of Seeing Him Active. so he will be little rare to make him active. [Once he's active and Go's away, It will repeat again but then the % will become higher [Not above 25] or Dropped/Lowered/Decreased %]


Screenshot 20200402-012656

Ozzie Jumpscare On Fnati 3:True Nightmare


  • When He Come To Office (Fnati 3:True Nightmare)

The Office Becoming More Corrupted And Ozzie Appear On Right Side Door

  • In Newer Version Of Fnati:ltr Or Custom Gameplay Animation, He Has Static Eye
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