Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


PN Mickey the Defective Performer (PNMDF) is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


PNMDF was a special redesign of a regular Mickey suit, but was deemed defective after a coloring error, and was promptly put to storage.

PNMDF has a large top-hat with a teal ribbon, and a gold star on top. He has white glowing eyes, and a necklace with Mickey's head shape on it. He has poorly painted yellow shoes, and Hazy Teal colored diamond shaped buttons. He also has a long tail topped with a blue ball.


PNMDF starts in the Storage Room, laying next to a broken television set. At 3AM, he will get up and move to the Meat Freezer, where he can be seen staring into the camera. After this he will move to the Bathroom, where he is seen sitting on-top of the toilet, staring at the camera with his bright, white eyes. He will finally move to the Lounge, where he is seen sitting on the couch, holding a spare Face head.

He will then enter the Office, where he is reaching at the player in front of the desk. The player must turn off the power to get rid of him.


  • "I was the original, I have seen everything."
  • "It's your turn to be abandoned."
  • "Suffer with us."
  • "Why show your face here, after what you've done?"


  • After he was deemed defective, he was possessed with the ghost of Henry, after Henry's original body started to decompose.
  • PNMDF has a companion named "Sui the Gray", that does his bidding
  • PNMDF's personality was a lot more comical, before he was turned into a serious threat.