PN Willy is a Fan-Made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island.


PN Willy is Willy with the colors of Photo-Negative Mickey, and darkened colors. Some of his head is chipped off. He is missing an eye and his hands have strange, red pats of his hands.


PN Willy starts in CAM 4 and takes a slow path to The Office. Once he enters The Office the player must pull up the monitor within 68 milliseconds or he will kill the player. He will make a loud sound right before coming in The Office. If the player stares at him in the storage room for 4 seconds he will teleport to the office.


  • PN Willy's appearance is based off of Willy and Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • He was made in rather than Blender.
  • He closely resembles Steamboat Willie.
  • He was made to make fun of people who think that Willy replaced Photo-Negative Mickey in Remastered 3.0.
  • He is a Combination of Willy and Corruptus.
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