Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Packing Mickey, also known as 25/03/1998 mickey mouse is a fan made character in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.6


Version 2Th?

He looks similar to himself, but his eyes is creepy


He basically looks similar to himself and that's it


He looks similar to Leopold Slikk, but he lacks his left arm and his head similar to Henry




He randomly appears on your ALL location office, getting mad at you. To avoid him, you have to find his Sausage Eggs, hiding randomly at any locations in the cameras. If you see da cola, just click on it. Failing to find it soon will cause him to jumpscare the player by using his keyboard to smash you.


  • He acts similar to GasCot animatronics in Ultimate Custom Night
    • Although if a camera is shut off, you still can see the Cola
    • This is the first time that Crim made a male and animatronics 
      • His appearance was originally that he lost his head and left hand, but it was scrapped.
        • Also, his scrapped appearance is very similar to Henry from FNATI.
      • When he enters the office, the creator can use his running animation.


*Speaking some animatronics shit* "cola x5" (When the player finds the item that he needs)