Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"...uhh... I'm not sure if you've seen that Mickey suit with the tiny head... when you do though, beware he's... more active then the other suits, like if he's angry. But, then again, I'd be pretty angry too if I had a head that small..." - Lisa

Parvaput is a fan-made suit in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Parvaput starts off in the storage room, hidden inside a box. When he becomes active, he can be seen crawling out of a box. He will then move to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, then into the Office.


Paravaput is a Mickey Mouse suit, with light blue shorts and dark blue shoes. He has a head that resembles Photo-Negative Mickey's, except it is rather small, and has almost normal sized human eyes, which barely fit in his eye sockets.


Parvaput becomes active on the 5th night, he starts off in the Storage Room, then moves to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge, then into the Office.


When he moves he talks in a high pitched Mickey Mouse voice, saying stuff like :

  • "Don't you love me?"
  • "I just wanted to see them laugh..."
  • "They left me."
  • "I wasn't good enough."
  • "Abandoned by Disney."
  • "Here's Parvy!" (Only when in Shade Form)


When in his shade form, Parva put gains phantom like eyes, and appears to be covered in a light layer of ice. When in this state, Parvaput may sometimes say: "Here's Parvy!"


  • There is also a chance Parvaput will enter Character Prep 1, or Character Prep 2, if he does, Disembodied or Daisy, (depending on where he entered) will enter the office.
  • Parvaput is short for "parva caput", which means "small head" in latin.
  • There is also a rare chance Parvaput will appear in the menu.
  • It is likely Parvaput is in the Storage Room because his headpiece was too small for any of the staff members to wear.
  • It is also likely that Paravaput was seen as a circus freak attraction.
  • The Parvaput Model was made by User: Un Invert Mickey.