Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Past Meat Freezer is a fan-made location in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and was made specifically for Past Night.


Past Meat Freezer is a variation of the Meat Freezer from many years before the events of Abandoned: Discovery Island. The room is much cleaner and neater, and also looked like this before Discovery Island's abandonment.


Past Meat Freezer resembles its original appearance, but with all of the clutter on the floor cleaned and fixed. The concrete tiles on the floor are completely in-tact, and the once missing entrance door is in place. The fallen refrigerator on the left side of the room is now back in place, and the wires snaking to the floor are in their original position. Also, Acephalous' head is missing, this is due to the murders taking place after Past Night.


The characters who can enter this room are:


  • Although the room is clean, the walls still appear to be rusted.