Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Past Ozz is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island. He is the same Ozz but from the past.


Past Ozz is an Classic Oswald the Lucky Rabbit suit. He has the same features such as black fur, white facial skin and blue pants. Apparently he is the past version of Ozz (which you can look forward by clicking on the link)


Past Ozz becomes active on Night 4 at 2AM. He first starts in Character Prep 2, then will walk to Storage, the Lounge, and then the Office. You must hide under the desk or shut off a camera to survive.


Past Ozz is the same Ozz but from the past, where he was just a regular Oswald suit, before he became mixed up with the other Oswalds in the monstrosity

Past Ozz's jumpscare is scarier and more detailed, similar to the jumpscares from ONAF.

He's free to use in fangames and stuff, just give credit.


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