Pawn Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Pawn Mickey, one of the Mickey Mouse suits which was nothing but a pawn, which was kept off-camera in the Broadcasting Room. After the closing of Treasure Island, and the abandonment, closing it's doors. This suit became like this, due to the years passing by, being left abandoned.


Pawn Mickey resembles a normal Mickey Mouse suit, however, he has a wider smile, with a missing tongue, and has holes throughout the body. His skin color of his face is white, and has yellow buttons for red shorts.


Pawn Mickey acts like other suits, but starts in the Broadcasting Room, off-camera. Then, he'll appear in the room, standing. He'll walk around the building at random, going toward the player, unlike most of the suits. Whenever he arrives in The Office, the player must shut off one of the CAMs, or either hide under the desk, which gives 50/50 chance on surviving. Failing or neglecting to do both options in time causes him to kill the player.


Pawn Mickey's locations listed in direct type of particular order:

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