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Pepe Mouse is a Fanmade Easter egg in Abandoned : Discovery island. He randomly appears in a night as a joke Easter egg.


As his name says, pepe mouse is basically suicide mouse, but with Sad pepe meme as his face, and saying "When u don't deserve dis laif...", a derpy way of one of Suicide Mouse's phrases. The background of the screen when it Appears is white. It obviously does doesn't​ show his full body, but his whole Appearance is suicide mouse, only that has Sad pepe's face in grayscale, with black eyes and with a nose.


He basically hasn't got a behavior, because of being a joke Easter egg in the game. His "behavior" is appearing in a weird chance as a Screen, somehow similar to Golden Freddy from fnaf. He will appear rarely if the player uses the cameras so much, (rarely) pepe mouse will first appear in the office, next to the desk. He won't attack you or kill you anyways. Then 6 seconds after, pepe mouse will "jumpscare" the player with his screen. The screen stays here for 10 seconds, and then you'll be back to the night, since his screen just bothers, but doesn't kill. So in game play, he's an annoying Easter egg, since you have a big chance of being killed by Photo negative Mickey or other suit when you're back in the night. Pepe mouse can appear in any night, but his chances of appearing are pretty low.

Pepe Mouse's screen.

Pepe Mouse Full body appearance.


.Pepe mouse is basically a Derp version of Suicide Mouse.

. Pepe mouse is one of the Easter eggs in the game, with the exception that he's a joke. Other one is Photo negative Face.

. His Screen doesn't kill, just bothers.