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Pervert Mouse is a fan-made protagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island



Pervert Mouse looks like a regular Mickey Mouse, except he wears Showtime Mickey's clothing and wears pilot shades.


Pervert Mouse is the creator of Yandere Mickey and other perverted liked characters in the "Anime" Night. He calls the player up and explains to them his mistake, and how to defend their self from his "rather attractive abominations".


  • Pervert Mouse is Distorted Mouse's nickname.
  • Pervert Mouse is a computer nerd obsessed with hentai and other related things.
  • "rather attractive abominations" is what he refers to Yandere Mickey and the others.
  • Pervert Mouse is believed to bring his creations to life by building a machine to fulfill his fantasies. But it went terribly wrong.
  • It is believed Pervert Mouse dies after his phone call to the player, by Yandere Mickey.