Captain Pete is a fan made antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island. He is one of the offical antonigists in FNATI 2: The Magic Kingdom.


He looks like the normal Pete, also what he looks like in the Mickey Mouse Cartoon "Steamboat Willy" but he has spikes for feet, he lacks eyes and his head is split into half.


He starts in Character Prep 1 laying down and then standing up going to the Staff Area. Then he goes to the Meat Freezer, walking into the lounge. In the lounge, he sits down in one of the couches. Then he goes to the office, which you have to shut off a camera to survive.

The Magic Kingdom Behavior

He starts in the Maintenance Room, then he moves to the Floor 2 Hallway, the Suit Workshop, the West Hallway, the Ventilation Room, the Mascot Room 2, the Office Hallway, then finally the Office.


He is a antonigist in FNATI 2:The Magic Kingdom.

He has a different behavior then in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Promo Pete

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