Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"h-hey bud uh... what are you even doing there? Didn't you get the memo?! the place caught fire yesterday and the suits... there not acting right so please hold up were trying to get there as fast as we can so please hang in ther-" -Greg's last words


his promo

petrified Donald looks relatively in better condition than the other petrified suits minus the ash covering him. Although his clothes have some tear and he is missing his eyes and left leg he is still in a salvageable condition

behavior (adi)

he starts in the storage room off camera then he will be seen in a crawling stance behind the crates then he will go into the staff area looking at the camera then he will hop into the meat freezer where he is seen looking at the flickering light then he will enter the office looking like he just walked in. You must hide under the desk and he'll go away. Failure to do so and he will stand near the desk permanently speeding characters up for the night (he doesn't quack at you)

behavior (fnati: the afterburn)

he starts in the character containment camera with Petrified photo negative mickey and Petrified oswald then he will go into the storage hall and then the tech room (right office entrance) then he will enter the office you must shock him or he'll sit on the desk and speed up characters (he speaks when he is moving but still doesn't quack)


  1. hey...
  2. HEY!
  3. why can't we be friends?
  4. please don't forget me!
  5. I just want a friend that isn't half dead
  6. please have a heart and let us be friends...


  • some of his quotes are a reference to gamerduck's how to make fnati not scary (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaxuK-XMTEo) more precisely "hey what's up man wanna be friends?" which some quotes are a nod to
  • he also want's the player's attention which if loganthealt ever decided to make a fnati game would gift people who neglected shocking donald the trophy "made a new friend"


PTD render.png

a remake to him (made by VictorCuddles126)