Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"h-hey bud uh... what are you even doing there? Didn't you get the memo?! the place caught fire yesterday and the suits... there not acting right so please hold up were trying to get there as fast as we can so please hang in ther-" -Greg's last words


his promo

petrified face is very burnt with large holes covering his body alongside burn marks and dust. Petrified face also trades his human eye for a hellbound eye he is missing his legs (like almost all face variants) and his left arm and his right arm is beaten and skinny alongside being charred. His head is much more distorted as his mouth is pulled and burnt while there are many craters and dents on his head. His ears are shriveled and mangled

behavior (adi)

he starts in the Treasure Island Undergrounds behind a box then he goes to the caverns entrance pushing the door open then he goes into the Equipment shed holding a mickey head then he will go out of the equipment shed via open garage door and go onto the roof looking directly at the cam then he will enter the office coming out of the vent. The player must shut off the power to get rid of him

behavior (fnati: the afterburn)

he starts in the props hall (aka left office entrance) on a stand but occasionally he will speak loudly you must turn on the music box in the props hall to calm him down failure or neglecting to do so will cause him to crawl in the office and kill you (note: his mechanic is the same as noo-noo's from fnatl 2)


  1. where is everyone?
  2. what happened?
  3. where did everyone go?
  4. I can't see
  5. it's cold in here!
  6. what happened to the forest?!


petrified face is the 2nd most withered petrified suit alongside Petrified photo negative mickey (3rd) and Petrified goofy (1st)

audio made by victorcuddles126