Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"h-hey bud uh... what are you even doing there? Didn't you get the memo?! the place caught fire yesterday and the suits... there not acting right so please hold up were trying to get there as fast as we can so please hang in ther-" -Greg's last words


his promo

petrified mickey like petrified donald is not as withered as the others although mickey does appear to look a lot like a retro mickey due to him having (barley visible) yellow buttons and darker yellow shoes alongside him having 3 lines on his gloves making him look like a burned fusion between Mickey Mouse and mick mick 4.0 he is missing his right thumb and there is a hole in his left ear and his right shoe does have some denting on the bottom while his other is partially melted alongside a chunk of his right leg missing all be it his chest like a lot of the other petrified suits does have some holes in his chest

behavior (adi)

he acts a lot like dark Oswald due to his very dark texturing. He starts in the Suit Warehouse in the center of the room then he goes into the green cove looking at something out of the camera view then he will trounce into the caverns entrance looking at the door to the pirate caverns then he enters the lounge putting his hand on the table next to the armrest then he will enter the office to the left of the players desk. The player must turn off a camera for him

behavior (fnati: the afterburn)

he starts in the character containment 03 (similar to the kitchen in fnaf 1 where the cam is offline) then he will go into the repair hall looking at a headless mickey on a hook then he will go into the packing area. Unlike the others he can take 2 paths to the office which mean he has 2 poses

  1. 1. he is getting on the conveyer

2. he is closer to the camera

when he is on the conveyer he will be seen in the office (click on the 'toggle conveyer' on the cams) or he will lunge at the player (similar to the fnaf 2 jumpscares)

but when he takes the route to the props hall when he enters the office you must press the shock button in the office to get rid of him or he'll kill you


  1. 1. we all are dead now
  2. 2. can you look into my empty eye
  3. 3. I wanna see your head cut off of your body


he is the least withered of all the petrified suits