Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"h-hey bud uh... what are you even doing there? Didn't you get the memo?! the place caught fire yesterday and the suits... there not acting right so please hold up were trying to get there as fast as we can so please hang in ther-" -Greg's last words


his promo

petrified pnm is in critical condition as he is covered in burn marks and is burnt and decomposing. He is missing his left leg while his right leg is missing completely, his arms are torn, burnt and pieces are ripped off while his right hand is missing it's middle finger his left hand only has it's middle finger and nothing else. His head is the most withered part of his body as he is missing his: left ear, eyes and a large chunk of his head where his eyes are and his right ear is cut, torn and burnt

behavior (adi)

he starts in the woods hiding in the bush the he moves to the Treasure Island Graveyard looking at the camera then goes to the roof entering the vent shaft then the office where he is seen on the desk leaning towards the player. Due to him being blind you must hide for him

behavior (fnati: the afterburn)

he starts in the character containment 01 with Petrified oswald and petrified Donald then he goes to the packing area where he is seen going onto the conveyer belt then he goes into the office the player must turn on the conveyer to make him leave or else he will kill you


  1. hi there...
  2. HEY
  3. if my head comes off... your head comes off
  4. soon you will take your last breath
  6. you... won't... escape... alive!
  7. *demonic laughter*
  8. *heavy breathing*



a remake to him (made by PlushTube678)

PTPNM render.png

Another remake to him (made by VictorCuddles126)