Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"h-hey bud uh... what are you even doing there? Didn't you get the memo?! the place caught fire yesterday and the suits... there not acting right so please hold up were trying to get there as fast as we can so please hang in ther-" -Greg's last words


his promo

petrified suicide mouse has a badly burnt body as his chest is riddled with holes and his arms are burnt off completely only with nubs left. His legs are badly beaten as his left leg is beaten to almost snapping off and his ears are torn and deformed. His face is relatively good in condition other than burn marks, dust and a large crack on his right eye similar to rodent. He has a tail (that is burnt as well) and his right shoe appears to be less damaged than his left one and his shorts have a tear on it's right

behavior (adi)

he starts in the Equipment shed coming out of a door with a very staticky, glitched, broken and deep pitched rendition to suicidemouse.avi then he goes into the woods in which he is seen attempting to walk with his hands behind his back despite the fact that he has no arms then he will run into the caverns entrance where then after 20 seconds he will sprint into the lounge and office. When you hear the sounds of sprinting the player must hide until you hear a door opening and foot steps failure to do so he will sprint into the office and lunge at the player resulting in a game over

behavior (fnati: the afterburn)

he starts in the cremation room on a pile of burnt suit parts then he will get up and go to the repair hall standing near some crates then he will go into the packing area clambering onto the conveyer belt then he will go into the office. The player must turn on the conveyer to get rid of him or else he will kill the player


  1. why am I alive?
  2. where is the gun?...
  3. I want to end it all
  4. pull the trigger... please
  5. I can't find a noose
  6. I can't find hope please tell me it's here
  7. suffering has be discovered...


  • he is a lot more suicidal than his regular counterpart as in afterburn in the repair hall he can be rarely seen putting a gun to his head with his tail
  • it also can be seen in his quotes